What is a Baby Kangaroo Ring Sling?

A Baby Kangaroo ring sling is a baby carrier that is 100% adjustable, allowing you to share it with your husband, mother, nanny etc. It also grows with your baby as our slings can be used from new born until around three years of age. There are a number of different wearing positions to suit the age and size of the individual child, all of which are fully explained in the instruction manual or demonstrated on the instruction videos on our website.

Our ring slings are made with a fanned shoulder piece allowing the distribution of your baby´s weight evenly and comfortably across your shoulder and back, thereby avoiding the all important backache!!! They are made from a mix of cotton and flax to ensure maximum durability, and the rings are solid aluminium, designed especially for our baby slings, and have been tried and tested for their strength and resistance.

Why should I use a Baby Kangaroo sling?

There are many reasons why slings are so beneficial. Here are a few of them:

  • It is a completely hands free way of carrying your baby, whether you are out and about shopping, doing the laundry and other household chores or simply going for a walk.
  • It encourages and aids a healthy bond between mother (or father) and baby.
  • You can breastfeed very discreetly with baby in the sling. No one will see a thing!
  • Your baby feels very secure nestled against your body, as well as soothed by the familiar sound of your heartbeat and scent.
  • Our slings are fantastic for colicky or fussy babies.
  • Newborns normally fall asleep within ten minutes of being in the sling and, unlike other baby carriers, they can be removed without the need to wake them.
  • \"Front-style\" commercial baby carriers, sold in many shops, are not the ideal position for a new born as they can put stress on a newborn baby´s spine. A sling will cradle the baby´s back in the correct position, thus creating less strain on their spine, and has been used for centuries in other countries.

In what ways can I use my Baby Kangaroo sling?

The possibility of different carry positions and uses are practically endless!

  • Cradle hold – 0–3months, no head control. Can sleep and breastfeed in this position.
  • Tummy-to-tummy – newborn to toddler. Carrying baby on your front.
  • Kangaroo hold – 3-6months, good head control. Baby facing outward.
  • Hip carry – 6+months, sitting up. Baby sits on your hip.
  • Back carry – 1year+. Piggy back style.
  • Our slings can also be used as a sheet, blanket, changing mat, beach towel, picnic blanket, walking harness, burping rag, as a sun or wind shade…..etc.

What is so special about a Baby Kangaroo sling?

  • Our slings are made from a mixture of the highest quality cotton and flax, and our rings are 100% solid aluminium, with no welded joints, making them stronger.
  • They are unpadded and lightweight, providing full comfort to both carrier and baby. Being unpadded also makes it easier to adjust the top and bottom parts of the sling separately, creating a very secure and snug fit around your child. Similarly, by being lightweight cotton there is no tendency for mother or baby to \"overheat\" when the weather gets warmer!
  • Baby Kangaroo slings will fit any child. They can be used from newborn to around three years of age therefore only one baby carrier need be bought. Many children outgrow the front style baby carriers well before their first birthday but still cannot walk and need to be carried. Our slings allow for the growth of your child!
  • With a sling you will avoid backache. Our design allows the weight of your child to be proportionally distributed across your back and shoulders without putting any stress on your lower back or cutting into your shoulders (which is a very common complaint with the front and back style baby carriers sold in many shops).
  • When breastfeeding your baby in the sling nobody will be able to see a thing. It also allows you to breastfeed hands free, as once your baby has latched on and is secure in the sling you do not need to sit down to breastfeed. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to breastfeed in a front style baby carrier.
  • Our slings are made with a double seam so the material will not chaff your baby´s skin.
  • Our slings have a pocket so there is no need to carry an extra nappy bag. It can all go in the sling!
  • The tail of the sling can be used to cover yourself up whilst breastfeeding just as it can be used as a tissue, a burp cloth, a sun shade …….
  • Unlike other front style baby carriers you can sit comfortably with the baby in the sling. You can work at the computer or sit down on the sofa without any harm coming to your baby.

Are slings safe?

How can I ensure my baby´s safety in the sling?

Our slings are made from the finest cotton and are mixed with flax to ensure extra strength and durability. Similarly the rings are made from 100% aluminium; they are one solid piece with no welded joint and can support a maximum weight of 50kg. Baby Kangaroo slings are as safe as carrying your child in your arms. However before you go out with your little one in the sling always take these common sense precautions:

  • Our slings are made to last, however before use always check your sling for signs of wear and tear or damage to the fabric or rings.
  • Always use common sense (and a protective arm!) when wearing your sling and never bend over while \"wearing your baby\" – they may fall out – instead squat.
  • Read the enclosed instruction manual before putting your child in the sling.

How do I wear my sling?

Click here for detailed written instruction.

Click here for detailed video instructions.

I have tried using a sling, but my baby hated it.

  • Watch the instruction videos, they will help.
  • Practice in front of a mirror before putting your baby in the sling.
  • If you do not \"get it\" straight away don´t worry. Try later or try a different position. Don´t try it for the first time if your baby is crying or is anxious in any way.
  • Fussy baby? Put the sling on and get walking. If the movement does not soothe your baby try a different position. An inquisitive baby (with good head control) may prefer the Kangaroo hold (crossed legs) rather than staring at your chest. Move baby around until you are both comfortable!
  • This is an age old way of carrying a child. Like millions of parents throughout history you can do this. It just takes practice and belief in yourself. If you are anxious or lack confidence in wearing the sling those feelings will be picked up by your baby. It is a fact that most new born babies fall asleep within the first ten minutes of being in the sling so get moving. Or email us for more advice.

Why does my back hurt?

If your back hurts or aches you are not wearing the sling properly. When your baby is in the correct position you should feel no strain on your back and it is certainly easier on your back than lugging around a car seat!

  • Make sure the sling is spread wide across your back to ensure maximum comfort for you with no backache!
  • The sling should cup your shoulder comfortably and not restrict your movements.
  • The sling should never rest in the crook of your neck.
  • Your child should be carried at or above your waistline.
  • If your back continues to hurt maybe you should consider chiropractic care or a massage as
  • the pain may be nothing to do with the sling and more to do with a back injury.

What is the maximum weight?

  • Baby Kangaroo slings are made to last. The rings can support a weight of up to 50kg and our slings are sewn on industrial sewing machines.
  • Although are slings will support the weight, many parents prefer not to carry a child once they can walk and weigh about two and a half stones or sixteen kilos. However for a physically disabled child the sling can be used until the parent or carer can no longer physically carry them.

How do I wash my sling?

It is recommended that you machine wash your sling with like colours on a 40° wash and then hang to dry. To be extra careful you could wash your sling on its own for the first time. The material will soften up and give the more it is used, but if you want an instant change, wash with a fabric softener. You may iron your sling, if needed, but on cool. We recommend the purchase of two slings so that when one is in the wash, the second is in use.

Can I send in a photo for the Baby Kangaroo Photo Gallery?

We would be delighted to post a photograph of you and your little one in a Baby Kangaroo sling or using any other Baby Kangaroo product. Please email us your photo(s) in .jpg format, together with your written permission that you would like the photo(s) included in our Photo Gallery. If your picture is approved, you and your little one will be in our gallery for all to see!

How can I ensure my baby´s safety in the sling?

  • Baby Kangaroo slings are made to last, however before use always check your sling for signs of wear and tear or damage to the fabric or rings.
  • Never use them in a moving vehicle as they are not approved safety seats and caution should be taken around mechanical equipment as the tail could get caught.
  • The fabric is not flame resistant so care should be taken around fires, stoves etc.
  • Never drink hot drinks or cook when using the sling.
  • Never leave your baby unattended with the sling wrapped around them.
  • Always use common sense (and a protective arm!) when wearing your sling and never bend over while \"wearing your baby\" – they may fall out – instead squat. Much more importantly this can lead to positional asphyxiation. This can happen when a baby´s chin is pressed firmly against its chest, restricting airflow, and as with all forms of young baby transportation, care should be taken to ensure that your baby´s airway is always unobstructed and that he/she is breathing regularly at all times, especially when asleep.
  • Baby Kangaroo takes no responsibility for accidents or injuries caused through use of our products.