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Baby Kangaroo is proud to introduce you to the world of Baby Slings: a natural, comfortable and simple way of carrying your child. Our slings are suitable from newborns to toddlers of around 3 years of age.

Our Baby Slings....:

  • adjust to several different carrying positions, allowing you to carry your baby in a foetal position, an upright position (tummy to tummy), upright facing out (tummy to back like a kangaroo), on your hip or on your back, all depending on their age and weight.
  • are gentle enough to care for a newborn´s developing spine whilst being strong enough to take the weight of a 3year old. 
  • promote the natural "frog position" which allows for the healthy development of your baby´s hips. The material will support your baby´s weight correctly thus reducing any excess weight and pressure on your child´s spine.
  • are easy to use and adapt to the size of your growing child and to the individual size of each carrier.

We at Baby Kangaroo are committed to bringing parents and babies together by providing top quality slings at affordable prices, whislt giving an age old design a modern twist. Until recently considered a novelty item, the baby sling has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity as its many benefits have become more commonly understood and appreciated within pediatrics. Studies published as early as 1986 pinpointed substantial advantages of "wearing" your child, for instance over 50% less crying and a more confident and happy child.

With you Baby Kangaroo you can:

  • Use from newborn to 3yrs of age (+ or -).
  • Encourage child parent bonding.
  • Breastfeed with complete discretion.
  • Soothe colicky or fussy babies.
  • Reduce crying by up to 50%.
  • Help stimulate the emtional and cerebral development of your child.
  • Care for and protect the natrual shape of your child´s spina and hips.
  • Reduce the effets of reflux and colic.
  • Use 6 differnt carry positions.
  • Carry your baby hnads free.

Now mothers from all walks of life, including many "A" list celebrities, are enjoying the great benefits that the baby sling has to offer. So, allow your baby to see the world from up high or sleep soundly whilst feeling reassured and soothed by the familiar sound of your heartbeat, scent and movement. Remember: Happy babies are held babies.

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Thank you.